Dog Sled Tours

Dog Sled Tours –
Experience Alaskan Dog Mushing!

Come share in the thrill of our dog sled tours. Dog mushing with a strong, eager team of Alaskan huskies through a spruce and birch wooded forest is the ride of a lifetime. These spectacular athletes are hard working and love to pull! Choose from several tour options for a special experience out on the trail.  For a little more adventure, ask your musher about riding the sled runners and driving the sled out on the trail.

While on the trail it’s not uncommon to see ptarmigan, spruce hens, moose and snowshoe hare tracks, maybe even a cow moose and her calf. (Moose are sighted weekly in our field adjacent to the dog yard). Ravens often swoop down and fly along the trail ahead of us. We will travel along beaver ponds and even onto parts of the Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race trail.

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Warm Winter Gear and Indoor Viewing

We welcome you into our warm home. Enjoy hot tea or cocoa after your tour.   Watch the dog team harness up and come and go from our large picture window.  We supply supplemental arctic outerwear at no additional charge, but please come dressed for cold weather.

Unique Experience!
Very Well Named!


“We wanted to do more than just take a sled ride, so we signed up for the two-hour “mushing school” and had a great time! Eleanor is an excellent instructor, her dogs are wonderful, the trail is enchanting, and the experience of driving a team of dogs through this winter wonderland is simply spectacular! Highly recommended!”


Leonard H.

Salt Lake City, Utah, via Trip Advisor

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Swing Dog Tour – $65/person

This ½-hour dog sled ride through glorious spruce and birch woods is a memorable experience. The trail swoops and winds through old boreal forest. A perfect dog sled tour for a taste of dog mushing and just the right length when it’s exceptionally chilly.

Lead Dog Tour – $95/person

1-hour sled dog tour in the same wooded forest; however, this tour may take you up and down short rolling hills or weave along the Yukon Quest Race Trail in and out of a thick birch forest. Glorious when the sunlight filters through making dog shadows in the snow.

Mushing School Tour – $200/person

This 2-hour school is a wildly popular dog sled tour and perfect for those who would like more than a dog sled ride.  Learn about the Alaskan Husky breed and mushing equipment. Harness the dogs and hook up the team. On the trail, ride the runners and drive the team!

Fall Sled Dog ATV Tours

Fall Sled Dog ATV Tours

As the days get shorter and the birch turn golden yellow, we begin our fall sled dog tours as training runs in the cooler days. Choose from three dog sled tour options, the 1/2 hour or 1 hour rides, or the Fall Mushing School.  All three tours include a ride on a 4-wheel All Terrain Vehicle pulled by a team of eager Alaskan huskies. Be involved as much or as little as you like with Eleanor and her enthusiastic sled dog team.

In the Fall Mushing School experience, you’ll meet the dog team, handle the eager Alaskan huskies, harness and hitch them to an ATV, and join Eleanor and the team on a fall training ride.

Each of our two side-by-side ATV’s can carry up to five passengers, so we can accommodate 10 people per tour.

Fall Sled Dog Tours

Summer Sled Dogs

Summer Sled Dogs

Summer Educational Tours

Our summer Educational Tours are a wonderful way to experience the joy of Alaskan sled dogs even in the heat of summer! Our tours are designed to offer you a hands-on experience with the dogs accompanied by a broad range of sled dog information that captures the heart of Alaska dog mushing and sled dog life. You will have an opportunity to meet all of the dogs,  handle the mushing equipment, and even prepare a sled dog meal and help feed the team. This is a favorite of many summer guests.

Throughout your personal tour, guide and owner, Eleanor, will share with you a down to earth view of the real world of dog mushing. You can ask questions and be personally involved with this unique experience. There are many great photo opportunities throughout the tour.

We do not offer rides during the heat of the interior Alaskan summer. For the welfare of our hard working Alaskan Huskies, we believe it is best to wait for the cooler weather of fall and winter to run them on the trails.

Reviewed as a “Must Do” activity in Fairbanks on Trip Advisor.

10% Military Discount
Discounts for parties of more than 10

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1½ -Hour Tour

Explore the dog yard.
Pet many gentle, happy sled dogs.
Learn about the Alaskan Husky Breed
Handle the mushing equipment.
Prepare a nutritious sled dog meal.
Feed the team.  


Free for age 3 and under

What Our Guests are Saying...

Ann Alder
Ann Alder Australia
Thank you again for our great ride on the dog sled with you and your gorgeous dogs. A magical day for us. We have not forgotten you or your dogs. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon and it was just great meeting you.


Genie & Ross Evers
Genie & Ross Evers Florida
Ross and I would like to thank you for one of the most wonderful experiences in our lifetime.  The reality of the tour far exceeded our expectations.  We loved the remote wilderness of the trail combined with the winter weather…  Oh, what a thrill.  As dog people we couldn’t get over the overwhelming unconditional love your dogs shared with us… We once again thank you for the fabulous, lifelong memory of our sled dog ride.

Keith & Velma Gianni
Keith & Velma Gianni Fairbanks & Costa Rica
We had a blast, of course, and your hosting us was great! We’ve recommended you to others already. You are so generous and have the perfect personality for what you are doing. – Good luck!!! Keith & Velma

Happy Guests!