Excellent Aurora Viewing!

For Excellent Aurora Viewing
Stay in Just Short of Magic’s Yurt B&B

An overnight stay at Just Short of Magic offers a perfect opportunity to view the northern lights. We are located far enough from the light pollution of Fairbanks’ city lights to allow star filled skies and brilliant displays on clear nights.  The open meadow in front of the yurt offers an unobstructed view of the northern sky.  On cold nights, you can easily warm up inside your private yurt, and watch through the skylight for auroral activity overhead.

At our latitude of 65º North, we are ideally located for watching and photographing the aurora borealis.  It begins to get dark enough to see the aurora in late August.  Late September through March are ideal. In early May, the days grow long, and it is rare to see them through the late spring and summer.  This is the time to enjoy the midnight sun instead.

Northern Lights Gallery

Aurora Gallery Photos at Just Short of Magic by Sherman Hogue

Aurora Gallery Photos at Just Short of Magic by Eize Speerstra