Dog Sledding

Imagine gliding silently along the trail riding the runners of a dog sled, a team of huskies doing what they love…

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It's About the Dogs

Dog mushers love their dogs. It’s as plain and simple as that. We know each and every one of our dogs…

Our Mission

To share our love and knowledge of sled dogs and mushing with guests….

Dog Sledding in Alaska is
Just Short of Magic!

Just Short of Magic offers Dog Sled Tours in the heart of Alaska.  Guests enjoy dog sled rides on beautiful forested trails in the Chena River Valley between Fairbanks and Chena Hot Springs. You won’t find better dog sledding in Alaska!  Meeting our teams of Alaskan Husky sled dogs and riding a dog sled on world class dog mushing trails is the highlight of an Alaskan visit for many guests. We are committed to sharing our love of  sled dogs and dog mushing with all of our guests.

Our Dog Sled Tours are the
Experience of a Lifetime!

Experience the thrill of a dog sled ride on beautiful northern forest trails. Your experienced guide and a team of strong, eager Alaskan huskies will make this a memory of a lifetime. Choose from several tour options. Take a half-hour Dog Sled Ride, a one-hour Lead Dog Sled Tour, or become immersed in our two-hour Alaskan Dog Mushing School. Discover the world of dog sledding that is Just Short of Magic!

Dog Sled Tours - Fairbanks - Just Short of Magic

Winter and Spring Dog Sled Tours

Swing Sled Dog Tour –
$75/person – 2 or more

This ½-hour dog sled ride through glorious spruce and birch woods is a memorable experience. The trail swoops and winds through old boreal forest. A perfect dog sled tour for a taste of dog mushing and just the right length when it’s exceptionally chilly.

Lead Dog Tour –
$125/person – 2 or more

1-hour sled dog tour in the same wooded forest; however, this tour may take you up and down short rolling hills or weave along the Yukon Quest Race Trail in and out of a thick birch forest. Glorious when the sunlight filters through making dog shadows in the snow.

Alaskan Dog Mushing School –
$225/person – 2 or more

This 2-hour school is a wildly popular dog sled tour and perfect for those who would like more than a dog sled ride.  Learn about the Alaskan Husky breed and mushing equipment. Harness the dogs and hook up the team. On the trail, ride the runners and drive the team!

Fall and Summer Sled Dog Kennel Tours

Fall Sled Dog ATV Tour

Just Short of Magic Sled Dog Rides Fairbanks Alaska

Enjoy a Fall ATV Sled Dog tour with a team of huskies hitched to an all-terrain vehicle.  We start our fall training season in September as the weather becomes cool enough for our Alaskan Huskies to run. We continue to train with the dog team pulling our ATVs until the trails have enough snow to safely run the trails with dog sleds. Usually we can count on good snow conditions for dog sled tours by mid-November, but weather is never completely predictable.

Each of our two side-by-side ATV’s can carry up to five passengers, so we can accommodate 10 people per tour. Please call us at (907)750-0208 if you have any questions.

Summer Sled Dog Kennel Tour

Sled Dog Puppies - Summer Kennel Tour

Enjoy ice cream and huskies! Experience the joy of Alaskan sled dogs even in the heat of summer. This tour captures the heart of Alaska dog mushing and sled dog life. Meet all of the dogs and handle the mushing equipment. Learn what it takes to prepare a sled dog meals and feed the team.  Wrap up your visit with an ice cream cone in our guest center.

Throughout your personal tour, Eleanor,  guide and owner, will share a down to earth view of the real world of dog mushing. Ask questions and be personally involved with this unique, hands-on experience. Enjoy  great photo opportunities throughout the tour.

It's Just Short of Magic

…to drive a dog team through the
Alaskan winter.

Tour with our experienced guide.

Learn to train, mush, and care for an Alaskan dog team.


Thank you again for our great ride on the dog sled with you and your gorgeous dogs. A magical day for us. We have not forgotten you or your dogs. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon and it was just great meeting you.

Anne Alder


Ross and I would like to thank you for one of the most wonderful experiences in our lifetime.  The reality of the tour far exceeded our expectations.  We loved the remote wilderness of the trail combined with the winter weather.  We are still laughing about the experience of riding in the sled.  Oh, what a thrill.  As dog people we couldn’t get over the overwhelming unconditional love your dogs shared with us…

Genie & Ross Evers

Eustis, Florida

We had a blast, of course, and your hosting us was great! We’ve recommended you to others already. You are so generous and have the perfect personality for what you are doing.

Keith Gianni, M.D. & Velma Gianni

Fairbanks and Costa Rica